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Portland Women's Crisis Line
Support services for sex workers and Portland Bad Date Line reports.

Haven Wheelock

Outside In
Needle exchange services and Portland Bad Date Line reports.

Brian Willis

Our Mother's House
Support groups and drop-in hours for mothers in the sex industry.

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Crystal Tenty
Emi Koyama
Carol Fenton
Nisha Bobba
Sara Louisse Allen
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 SWOC is a Portland Oregon based coalition of social service providers concerned with the safety, dignity, and diversity in needs of those working in the sex industry. It is our goal to educate ourselves and our community regarding the issues most relevant to sex workers in an effort to reduce associated risks of the sex trade and promote basic human rights for all those working in the sex industry.

Our Mission

   SWOC promotes the basic human rights and personal safety for all individuals working in the sex industry.

Core Values

We use terms like Sex Trade, Commercial Sex Industry, Prostitution, Survival Sex to mean exchanging sex for need or
money. This occurs in many situations, including prostitution, pornography, stripping, escort services, lingerie modeling, massage parlors, mail-order bride services, trafficking and any other venue in which sex is exchanged or
traded for money or survival needs.

We recognize each individual's experiences in the sex industry are different. It is each individual's right to
determine their own interpretation of their experiences and the goals, aspirations and outcome of their experiences
in working with our agency's programs.

The individual determines which services are best for them with the intention of minimizing the risks they face in
the sex industry.

We believe in each individual's right to be treated with respect and dignity.

We respect the individuals' choice of how to narrate and describe their experiences, beliefs and politics. We don't
attempt to reframe a person's belief structure, verbiage or political views to meet a social change goal.

We believe that individuals who are involved in or impacted by the sex industry are the experts and best understand
the issues surrounding the sex industry.

We believe it is essential for resources to be available to individuals impacted by the sex industry without having
to change or be judged by their choices.


Direct Service Specialist I

Portland Women's Crisis Line

Office: 503.419.4355

Crisis Line: 503.235.5333

Web site:

PWCL Myspace page

SWOC Myspace page

There are several ways you can become involved with the Sex Workers Outreach Coalition:

1) Join the SWOC email list server - The SWOC on-line list server provides updated information about SWOC projects and events. In addition, members can share updated agency or community information to help increase knowledge of current and available services and events.

2) Attent the SWOC Gerneral Meetings - SWOC will hold general meetings the first Monday of every other month. These meetings
will provide an opportunity for new members to join the coalition and meet the current members. The agenda for these meetings
will include updates on community information and referral, updates on SWOC projects, developing and organizing the implementation of new projects and trainings presented by community agencies.

3) Participate in SWOC Collaborative Projects - Members of SWOC participate in projects developed and organized by coalition members. These projects will require meeting as a project group outside of the SWOC general meeting time to plan and implement the project. Project members will determine meeting times.

If you are interested in joining SWOC, please indicate how you want to be involved and then contact: